After watching alluring Lash Perm & Tint results on many of my favorite London Vloggers, I went on a hunt for this service in the US. I quickly learned, Lash Extensions are a lot easier to find. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know my experience with Lash Extensions ended in nearly all of my lashes falling out by the end of week 2. Traumatizing? YES…but they were lovely while it lasted 😉

I finally found a salon (with great reviews) that specialize in Brows and Lashes. The Lash Perm was only $25 and the Tint $20. The entire process took about 1 hour, and results should last about 6 weeks. NOTE: Over all, a lot more affordable and quicker than Lash Extensions.

The process was not completely comfortable-

  1. During the Perm, there was a strong chemical smell and about 10 minutes of intense itchy-burning sensations around my eyelid waterline. Afterward, the Specialist had a very hard time taking off the gummy-like glue stuck on my eyelids; which resulted in A LOT of cleaning and tugging around my sensitive eye area. (Paranoid thoughts of “she’s going to tug and give me premature wrinkles!” where screaming in my head)
  2. During the Tint, the Dark Brown color chosen for me was nearly exact to my natural color so the results were minimal. The Specialist warned me, my lower lashes are so small that I probably won’t see results. While working on my lower lids, she accidentally dropped some of the tint in my eye, which majorly burned and made my eye terribly irritated. (Think of that burning feeling when mascara accidentally goes into your eye..but worse!)

Word of Advice: If you are not comfortable holding your eyes tightly shut for a long period of time, or have the control to keep your eyes wide-open while someone is applying multiple products to your eye area (even if they drop something in your eye), this is NOT going to be pleasant for you.

Before and After pictures below. NOTE: No editing nor filters on the pics below.

Before Pics:img_8729 img_2544

After Pics:img_4677img_9473


Unfortunately, I do not see much of a difference in my lashes. After showering later that same day, my lashes lost most of the Perm’s curl – my outer lashes held the curl, while my inner lashes were mostly straight again. I still had glue stuck to my lids even after showering, and my water line felt irritable and dry. I will probably not have the Lash Perm & Tint done again. However, I think this would be a great option for people with heavy, full, or long lashes that fall straight.

I would love to hear feedback on your experiences. Comment below or on my Social Media  xoxo G

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