If you’ve followed my lash posts over the years then you know I’ve nearly tried it all – fake lashes, lash extensions, lash growth serums, lash perms. I blame my obsession for the perfect lashes on my mother. 😉

If you remember, my first Lash Perm was not very pleasant. The Specialist dropped chemical liquid in my eye which stung terribly. After I showered, I nearly lost all of the curl. It didn’t seem to be worth the time or money. Check out my first Lash Perm & Tint Review.

After years of not tampering with my lashes, I finally caved and tried another Lash Lift. I’m happy to report that this experience was surprisingly wonderful!

I went to an amazing Licensed Specialist named Ashley. She made the experience perfectly comfortable. The process took about one hour, eyes closed, laying on a facial chair while listening to relaxing spa music. Doesn’t sound bad that all, right? Amanda was super knowledgeable and shared great tips on how to keep my Lash Lift lasting a good 6-8 weeks long.

Pro Tip: Do not wet your lashes for 48 hours after getting your Lash Lift. This will help the curl and tint really settle in. (These directions were not given to me after my first Lash Perm, which might be why I had lost the curl the first day after showering.)

Pricing: The Last Lift and tint was $60. (Still way more affordable and longer lasting that lash extensions.)

Before and After pictures below:

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