Hi Everyone!

I just received my first PLATED delivery and I’m very excited to share my review!

I am NOT a fan of grocery shopping -nor cooking -nor coming up with ideas of what to cook, so I was ecstatic when I heard of PLATED. Once you subscribe to PLATED a weekly box of fresh, seasonal, and pre-portioned ingredients, are delivered right to your door step. You just pick your delivery date, pick your menu, and cook!

My first experience was fun and educational! I ordered 3 meals (2 plates of each).

  1. Tofu with Glazed Vegetables
  2. Quinoa Stir-Fry
  3. Wild Mushroom Pappardelle


  • Quick delivery
  • Clean
  • Neatly proportioned
  • Neatly labeled
  • ALL very fresh foods
  • Recipes were labeled based on difficulty level
  • Easy and clear directions


  • I need more practice! The “easy” level was a bit much for me but I passed successfully! The food was DELISH!

Have you tried Plated? What are you thoughts?

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