I recently purchased and completed the 3 Day REFRESH cleanse from Beachbody. This has been my most favorite detox yet! REFRESH is a three day series of shakes, fiber drinks, and small clean-eating meals to get back on a healthy track. I decided to do my 3 Day REFRESH on a long weekend off from work, just in case I got that hungry-moody-foggy feeling that I’ve experience with juice cleanses. However, surprisingly I was NOT starving! I lost about 3 pounds in 3 days and felt great afterward. It was a great jump start to help me get back into eating healthy and portion controlled meals.


  • No light headed foggy hungry feelings (like you get with a juice cleanse)
  • Surprisingly very full with all the drinks + food
  • I lost about 3 pounds in 3 days
  • I literally felt “refreshed” afterward


  • I’m not a huge fan of Vanilla flavors, so the Vanilla shakes were not my favorite (however you can mix it with fruit to adjust the taste)
  • The Fiber Sweep drink takes a whole lot of shaking up before drinking


  • Drink lots of water
  • No heavy workouts
  • Try to keep the recommended eating/drinking schedule

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